Why antimicrobial materials are vital in our life?

According to a study, about 80% of infection diseases start from surface contact.

Bacteria and fungi are everywhere in our daily life, the microbe can quickly reproduce whenever suitable. It may cause contamination, odours and infectious diseases, especially drug-resistant species (Superbugs) which can cause serious disease, and this is a major public health problem.

What is GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials?

Some metal oxides, such as ZnO and TiO2, have been widely used as antimicrobial materials. These metal oxides can release reactive oxygen species (ROS) to kill bacteria under UV irradiation.

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials developed by Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) are multiple functions inorganic composite antimicrobial materials (GERM ARMOR® GA-0 to GA-99).

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials can release various ROS in controllable manner without any external stimulation. With the continuously released ROS, GERM ARMORantimicrobial materials has high efficacy against broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and virus, as well as degradation of formaldehyde and VOCs.

How does GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials works?

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials can also continuously catalyse the conversion of water and oxygen to reactive oxygen species(ROS) to kill microbe via non-contact killing mechanism. It could generate different type of ROS, targeting different applications.

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials have no drug resistance development, no chemical releasing and no environmental contamination. It has high efficacy against various bacteria (Superbugs), fungi and virus.

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials also have long-term activity, its lifetime could be as long as 10 years.

Why GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials are better option?

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials is new generation of non-toxic, safe antimicrobial material. It is a composite made of metals, such as zinc, iron, cobalt, nickel, aluminium etc, and other natural compounds via chemical reaction.

GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials kill microbes via non-contact, no chemical releasing mechanism. It is an upgrade product of ZPT, ZnO, Cu2O, nano-silver or other organic antimicrobials. GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials is very potent against Gram positive, Gram negative bacteria, fungi and also virus. It is safe, green, clean with long-term activity.

What are the applications of GERM ARMOR antimicrobial materials?
Antimicrobial Plastics and Fibres
GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials can be used as antimicrobial ingredient in plastic molding process. The doped plastic has strong antimicrobial property which can be used for toys, furnish, healthcare products, airspace, public transportation, electrical and appliances, automobile, etc.
Antimicrobial Coating and Paint
GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials can be incorporated into various paint formulations, the painted surface has excellent antimicrobial property. It imposes various paint coatings with antimicrobial/antivirus and formaldehyde degradation properties.
Antimicrobial Textile
GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials can be applied with detergents in textile washing process. It will impose textile with excellent long-term antimicrobial property. GERM ARMOR antimicrobial materials may also be loaded by spray method onto the textile surface. It provides antimicrobial/antivirus textile for various downstream products, such as mask, air filter etc.
Sanitizing Water
GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials soaked in water (1wt%) could generate activated water which can be used as disinfection water for various applications, such as sanitizing of floor, tools, food facilities and containers and medical equipment.