POLYMORE MATERIALS is a Singapore-based company with a strong focus in the area of high-performance innovation materials which including novel environmental benign antimicrobial products, PAEK polymers and high-end thermoplastic composite materials.

We have been working closely with A*STAR (Singapore) since 2016 and successfully made technology breakthrough for series of innovative products. We are continuously investing in our R&D and production capabilities. We will make our efforts to accelerate the growth of industries by providing advanced material and technologies.

Polymore Group provides 80% of the world's PAEK/PEEK manufacture with monomers. Since 2016, Polymore has cooperated with A-Star/National University of Singapore to develop PEEK resins and composites technologies,constantly achieving technological breakthroughs, and gradually forming an industrial chain from PEEK raw materials to finished products. Since 2019, PEEK/PAEK downstream products have been developed and supplied to worldwide, such as PEEK composite materials, PEEK prepreg materials, etc.

Today, we have developed a complete set of moulding technologies, including resin modification, injection moulding of finished parts and continuous extrusion of sheets, rods, and pipes and new generation of the prepregs and theirs composites with carbon fiber and glass fiber.

We have stood on the market of China and Singapore. Our vision is to provide better products and solutions to the world in the future.
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Nuclear power industry
Motor industry
Petroleum industry
Aviation industry

POLYMORE MATERIALS strives to be a global leader in the antimicrobial technology and PAEK polymer industry, through our commitment to offer quality products and service excellence for a sustainable future.
POLYMORE MATERIALS adheres strongly to science and technological innovation to continuously develop its products and solutions.